The Speed and Power of Mariner Outboard Motors

Due to the rising number of boat enthusiasts, the demand of mariner outboard motors is increasing these days. For quite some years American manufacturers like Chrysler, Mercury, and Johnson dominated this industry; until Honda and Suzuki came into picture. Today, the fierce competitor in this segment has resulted in new technologies being introduced rapidly.

You will see that there are multiple options  available when you start to looking for outboard motors. You have to acknowledge the fact that your boat will not get far without the use of these motors.

Some people tend to opt for used outboard engines. However, buying a new one is always a safe bet. No doubt that you will be able to get a good bargain on the used outboard motor engines, however there is a risk factor involved in it. You will be paying more initially to buy brand new mariner outboard motors but then at least you know that it is coming with a guarantee or a warranty.

Needless to say, a comparison shopping is must before you go for them. If you do not do it then it might be very much possible that you end up paying more for the marine outboard motor. Even same products vary greatly between retailers and dealers. Another advantage of using new outboard engines is that it will give you confidence in the waterways.

You also need to break your engine properly, as it is very important to ensure a long engine life. If you get it wrong then it may cause damages to the bearings, piston rings, crankshafts etc. The bearing and grease can also be burred and chipped. You need to follow the guidelines given by your manufacturer. There is a certain minimum fuel requirement which you need to follow. Sometimes blending or octane requirements are not matched leading to a shorter engine life. The different grades of the engine oil affect the efficiency of carbon buildup on the rings as well as the piston. Thus, you need to take care of these simple things so as to ensure the smooth running of the engines.

Mariner outboard engines should not be kept ideal for longer durations. Also, you need not race the engine at full speed. The cooling water should be well circulated. Ideally, the speed should also be varied in every 15-20 minutes. Different companies are trying to achieve the domination by improving the reliability and efficiency.

Mariner outboard motors are mainly a product of Mercury Marine. These steering and propulsion system for boats consist of an engine, gearbox and propeller or jet drive. Mercury provides engines for private as well as commercial use. The engines focus more on the power rather than fuel efficacy. The mariner outboard size ranges from 2.5-350 HP. The company has got a wide range of products with them and you will surely find the one which you are looking for.