Could Song Lyrics Be regarded as Poetry?

Could song lyrics be poetry?

with no a doubt lyrics have poetic components, but whether they will have the very same strength and impact as clean poetry recorded on paper on paper without vocal performance and musical accompaniment, is yet another issue. The solution is most likely not, nonetheless, as we understand song lyrics started as an oral tradition, and also in the medieval era there’d have been absolutely no difference between the lyrics of the structure and a ballad of any poem. In reality a’ ballad’ today he is both a recognised poetic form (quatrains of abab rhyme program in alternating iambic trimetre as well as the phrase and tetrameter) used for describing a slow, frequently romantic, song.

Recently a band, “The Waterboys”, released an album called “An Appointment with Mr Yeats”, in which 14 of Yeats’s poems are set to music. The end result is utter brilliance. The organic rhythms as well as cadences of the poems are utilized to make musical melodies: particularly in these kinds of poems as “The Hosting of the Shee” where the traveling dactylic fits perfectly to some pulsing drum beat. In this particular instance it’s practically the situation  the lyrics of the songs are developed poetry, sung as well as accompanied instrumentally, indicating that it’s possible for lyrics to possess poetical equipment as well as styles in addition to good rhythm and melody.

Surely only a few lyrics are going to have identical formalized distinction as the poetry of Yeats, most song lyrics are composed to produce onomatopoeic effects. In the song “Invincible” by Muse, from the album “Black Holes of theirs as well as Revelations” the lyrics are mostly composed in great trochaic, i.e. an anxiety accompanied by a un-stress making up one’ foot’ of metre: